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New Technology

Synthetic Leather When it comes to synthetic leather, people think that the material is hot, especially in hot weather. Our laboratory has found the cheramic agent that can suspend wit the PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), which made the synthetic leather feel cooler. It is called 3Xtra.

Sitting Leisure

Synthetic Seat Cover

Anti Radiation

Most of us are unaware of the radiation surrounding us which has a negative effect on our body. SITTING LEISURE is designed to absorb this radiation and prevent it from entering the body. Sitting Leisure is made of semi-conductive material to aid in this absobtion.  


SEATING LEISURE Hi’tech synthetic leather is made of high quality PVC. It contains a ceramic agent, which absorbs body heat, enabling us to remain cool and comfortable even in conditions of extreme weather. 

Bio Ion

SITTING LEISURE layers contain infra red. It produces Bio Ion which contains 5.6 – 15 nanometer infra red. Bio Ion effect to keep body health, and hindering muscle strain and rheumatic pain, thus proving beneficial for our health.