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About Us

Meet the Dream Team

With commitment to excellence, we are able to continuously serve the market

Ever since it’s established in 1993, TSP has grown from a small company to become an export-oriented manufacturer. Initially in the garment and embroidery business, we worked hard and innovated, and thus successfully expand our business into several new divisions. The most rewarding success however, has been our ability to give the best, high-quality products to our customers.

Since 1994, along with new market demands in the textile industry, we expanded our business to Knitting, Dyeing and Finishing, and Artificial leather (Polyurethane and PVC sponge leather) for both domestic and international markets. Currently we now have five divisions: Garment, Circular Knitting, Warp Knitting, Artificial & Synthetic leather, and Dyeing & Finishing.


Our Processes

This is how we achieve customer satisfaction

All of our business processes are aimed to meet customer expectation.
We employ numerous QC officer to maintain export-quality for our products.
We invest in the newest machines and technologies to stay competitive.
And we also have a design team, and also an R&D team that churns out new innovations from our lab.

Founder’s Note

Our commitment is to keep on doing business efficiently, responsibly, and profitably in improving our distribution networks without compromising on customer satisfaction, and with a reasonable price and guaranteed product quality

CEO: Steven Rogers

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